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  • Lige Fit Tech 2 Smart Sports Watch

    • Track your Well-Being: Advanced Health Features

      Heart Rate Tracker: Monitors your heart rate continuously, providing insights into cardiovascular health.

      Blood Pressure Monitor: This device helps you monitor your blood pressure levels, which is crucial for those monitoring hypertension or other cardiovascular conditions.

      Blood Oxygen Monitor: Measures the oxygen saturation level in your blood, an essential metric for assessing respiratory health.

      Sleep Monitor: This device tracks your sleep patterns, including the duration and quality of sleep, to help you improve your sleep hygiene.

      Body Temperature Measurement: This allows you to check your body temperature, which can be vital in detecting fevers or monitoring for illness.

      Sedentary Reminder: Sends reminders to move or stretch after periods of inactivity, promoting a more active lifestyle.

      Menstrual Cycle Function for Females: Provides tracking and reminders for menstrual cycles, offering insights into reproductive health.

      Breathing Exercises: Access guided breathing exercises to help reduce stress and improve relaxation.

      Boost Your Fitness Journey: Key Sports and Fitness Features:

      Passometer (Steps Tracker): This device counts your steps throughout the day, encouraging you to meet your daily step goal for maintaining or improving fitness.

      Distance Tracker: This device measures the distance you've covered during walks, runs, or bike rides, providing insights into your workout intensity and progression.

      Calorie Tracker: This app calculates the calories burned during your activities based on intensity and duration, aiding in weight management or fitness improvement efforts.

      Activity Tracker: Monitors different physical activities and workouts, offering a comprehensive view of your physical activity levels.

      Fitness Tracker: Provides a broad overview of your fitness activities, helping you track progress towards specific fitness goals.

      Stopwatch & Countdown: Access timekeeping features to track activities or manage time more effectively.

      50+ Sports Modes: This app supports tracking for over 50 sports modes, allowing for detailed tracking and analysis of performance in various activities.

      Additional Features:

      Message Reminder: Keeps you informed of new messages promptly, ensuring you get all important communications.

      Call Reminder: Alerts you to incoming calls, ensuring you're always connected.

      Answer Call & Dial Call: This feature lets you handle calls directly from your wrist, enhancing accessibility and ease of use.

      Push Message: Delivers notifications to your watch, keeping you updated on important alerts and reminders.

      Interactive Music: This feature lets you control music playback from your watch, offering a seamless and enjoyable listening experience.

      Noctilucent Feature: A glow-in-the-dark display enhances visibility in low-light conditions, making it easy to check the time or notifications at night.

      Wireless Bluetooth Calling: This feature enables hands-free calls directly from your watch via Bluetooth, offering convenience and connectivity without needing to access your smartphone. It ensures you stay connected, whether on the move, during a workout, or when your phone isn't readily accessible.

      Customizable Watch Faces and Menu Styles: This feature offers a variety of watch faces and menu styles, allowing you to personalize your watch display according to your preferences or mood. By providing customization options, this feature enhances the user experience, making your smartwatch a tool for health and communication and an extension of your personal style.

      Always-On Screen: The always-on display feature ensures that crucial information like time, date, or your current heart rate is always visible at a glance, even when the watch is not actively in use.

      Hands-Lift Activation: Simply lifting your wrist activates the screen, providing a seamless way to check notifications, time, or any other vital information without the need to press a button or tap the screen.

      AI Intelligent Voice: Use voice commands for effortless control over various functions, enhancing the hands-free experience.

      Magnetic Charging: Offers a convenient and secure way to charge your watch with magnetic connectivity.

      Alarm Clock & Music Control: Set alarms and control music playback directly from your watch.

      Remote-Controlled Mobile Phone Camera: Capture photos remotely using your watch to control your phone's camera.

      Flashlight: Utilize the built-in flashlight for added convenience in low-light conditions.

      Stress Test: Monitor your stress levels with built-in testing, helping you manage your well-being.

      Calculator: Perform quick calculations directly from your watch, adding to its utility.

      Phone Search: Easily locate your phone by triggering an alert from your watch.

      Weather Forecast: Stay ahead of the weather with forecasts available directly on your watch.